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We have witnessed great results with flax bedding and are excited to share with you some of the benefits of using this product.  Click here to purchase.

Flax Bedding

1. Animal Health - A dust-free bedding benefits horses with respiratory and skin disorders as well as overall health.

2.  Eco-Friendly - A natural renewable source made from 100% natural flax provides a clean, non-dust environment for healthy animals.  It also makes an excellent compost with a neutral PH, 100% DUST FREE, 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE, giving back to the soil instead of depleting it.

3.  Odor and Absorbency - It virtually eliminates all odor by absorbing 4x more than wood shavings and more per square meter than any other bedding. It works by absorbing liquids at the base of bed stall.

4. Cost Effectiveness - Less time and on average 50% LESS product is needed to maintain and clean a stall.  There is minimal waste resulting in lower disposal cost, if any.

5.  Fire retardancy - Did you know that Flax Shive that you receive in the bags will not LIGHT ON FIRE?  A natural property of this amazing plant.

"It has long been known that lower respiratory illness is common in horses, and this is typically attributed to the amount of dust in barns."  -Melissa R. Mazan, DVM, associate professor of clinical sciences at the Cumming School

Milled Flax 


ND FLAX MILL uses a patent pending milling process to mill flax we grow.  Once milled it is extremely palatable and much easier to digest to actually get the full benefits from the flax vs whole seed and is guaranteed to maintain.  A cost-effective way to get all-natural non-gmo protein, fiber and omega 3 fat with proven results.  We are a leader in the industry now selling direct to the public. Grown and milled right here in North Dakota!

“From our farm to your barn” direct service

   Helps Aid & Maintain in the Following Areas:

  1. Joint health

  2. Natural anti-inflammatory

  3. Improvement of skin and coat

  4. Strengthening of hooves

  5. Healthy digestive system & heart

  6. Colic relief

  7. Laminitis

  8. Allergies & skin conditions

  9. Immune system boost




  • HS-35  or Horse Supplement 35 is a nutritionally balanced supplement containing macro-minerals, trace minerals, micro-nutrients for digestion as well as prebiotics and probiotics. It is specially formulated with essential amino acids, vitamins and organic minerals as well as biotin.

  • One 50 pound bag contains the perfect amount for 100 days of feeding (based on a 1000lb horse receiving the recommended one cup per day).

  • This is suitable for ALL ages, breeds and classes of horses.

  • See below for the guaranteed analysis and ingredients


Hemp Pellets

Our hemp pellets are a great source of protein for your horses, and most find them very palatable! These pellets have similar results to our CBD/hemp oil but are meant to be fed daily. Very economical to feed!


Here's some facts on our pellets:

  • 37-40% protein

  • 9-12% fat

  • all natural

  • non-GMO

  • verified USA product

  • can be combined with flax!

*Please note, you must call to purchase CBD/hemp products at this time. Thank you!